Suraj Singh Thakuri Is Back On TV With A New Talk Show

Look who is back on TV with a brand new show!


That’s right. It’s Suraj Singh Awesomest TV Host Thakuri!!

Kantipur TV HD went live earlier this week on Thursday, December 14th. While the majority of the TV channels in Nepal broadcast in standard-definition, Kantipur is now available in high-definition (HD). And with that transition, a new show has been introduced — bringing back our favorite TV host after a 2-year hiatus.

Produced by ‘Faateko Jutta’ director Nikesh Khadka, the talk show is called ‘It’s My Show’. The show also has a band with Prabesh Sunam on drums, Nikesh Karki on keyboard, Sajiv Shrestha on bass and Sanjal B2 Bhand on vocals.


The show premiered its first episode on Thursday night at 9 PM with singer Yogeshwar Amatya and the reigning Miss World Nepal Nikita Chandak as the guests. The same episode was repeated on Saturday night at 9 PM — the actual time slot of the show.



The two guests talked about their journeys so far; and it looked like they had a good time on the show — more particularly Yogeshwar Amatya, who looked mesmerized. The ‘Laija Chari’ hitmaker seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed Nikita’s company and even sang a beautiful song for her.


Overall, it was a fun episode and this looks like a good show already. Actress Priyanka Karki and rapper Laure will be joining the ‘Junge’ actor on the next episode of It’s My Show. The show will air every Saturday at 9 PM.

Watch the first episode here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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