This Is The Most Evil Episode By Paradygm TV So Far. So Evil!

Sisan Baniya: Guys, let’s shoot an episode. We’ve got food here, so don’t eat anything before coming here.

*Later in the studio*

“Tadaa! Here’s all the food YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT! See, I told you we’ve got food.”

That’s pretty much what happened in the latest episode by Paradygm TV. Basically, five hungry foodies were invited to stare at and smell some delicious foods for the ‘Try Not To Eat’ challenge.

Bichara! Just look at these folks, trying not to eat when all they wanna do is EAT.


How I wish somebody looked at me the way Sajin is looking at that burger. On a second thought, bhayo bho. That look is kinda scaring me.


*Drum Roll* That’s Instagrammer mr.foodie_nepal, revealing his identity for the first time.


Oshin explaining the science behind chhoila.


Sushant was probably thinking, “Hya! Khaidinchu bho. Baru ek ghanta badhi cardio handinchu.


Kichhy is almost ready to kill the guy who touched her food. Not even kidding!

Pure torture!

Watch the full episode here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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