Lil Buddha aka Sacar Just Dropped First Song From New Album ‘Tathastu’

No matter what you think of him lately, you can’t deny the fact that he is a dope rapper.

Trap Nepal just dropped the first song from Lil Buddha’s new album ‘Tathastu’ and it’s lit. Formerly known by his stage name Sacar, the Sydney based rapper had been talking quite a lot about the album through his quite ‘infamous’ Facebook live videos lately. And finally, the first song titled ‘Sapana’ has been released.

We can’t exactly call it an original song as it’s more like his rendition of Yama Buddha’s song of the same title from ‘Khatra’ album. “Rest in peace Yama dai, we all miss you, okay“, he remembers his mentor and favorite rapper before he starts rapping on the song.

While Lil’ Buddha has added his original verses as well, he uses the same hook from Yama Buddha’s song, “Sabai sapna nai ho ki, sabai sapna nai ho ki, sapna ma ramne ma sapna ko bhogi.”  The lines, “Kaile kaahi darr pani lagcha, mann marcha jaba taba marna mann lagcha..” too are taken from the original; and are completed with some original lyrics.

The beat produced by Hype has taken the song to another level. With the killer flow, powerful delivery, good lyrics, and right emotions; Lil’ Buddha has reminded us again why he, or at least his music, needs to be taken seriously. Listen to it here and comment what do you think about it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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