Video: Bipul Chettri & Ganga Bardan Resolve ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’ Controversy In The Most Classy Way

A controversy had sent Bipul Chettri’s fans into shock last December when an online portal reported that he had lifted Ganga Bardan’s ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’. 

Chettri had actually never included any version of the song in any of his albums, hadn’t released it as an official single or never even recorded the song. However, he had uploaded him singing the song live on YouTube which he later removed in the wake of controversy. He had then took it to his Facebook handle to clarify the situation, “To start with, I have to mention that Kaha Ma Katyo, was one of the first Nepali songs that I ever heard as a child, and one which introduced and got me hooked to Nepali folk music so I have the deepest sense of respect towards it. I have been informed by various senior musicians over the years while I was growing up that this song was a traditional folk song, sung by various people over time”, he had written. ” I have never claimed this song to be mine and never will, nor have I recorded this song in a studio and released it in the market for sale. I have only sung this song on stage and have uploaded the live cover version of it, which I do not think is illegal, unless the sole rightful owner has submitted a copyright claim.”

The controversy has now come to an end, that too in the best possible way. The Asar hitmaker didn’t only meet the legendary singer who had recorded the song in 1978 during a recording on Radio Nepal; but even jammed with him. The two played the song together to packed audience at Purple Haze Rock Bar in Thamel, Kathmandu where Chettri along with his band was playing a gig on April 15th.

Well, what could be a more classy way than to end a musical controversy on a beautiful musical note. Watch the video here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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