Fresh Tunes: ‘Hyolmo’ Is An Absolute Treat!

It took the creative folks at Fuzz Factory Productions more than a year to come up with the second episode of Fuzzscape; made us wait forever but turns out that the wait was absolutely worth it. The first episode that was released in March last year saw the team going to Banepa and coming up with a song called ‘Kapase Badal’. And for the second episode that has now been released, they went to Shermathang, a small village in Helambu, looking for the inspiration to make new music. And guess what, the inspiration seems to have done wonders as the outcome is nothing but spectacular.

The 2015 earthquake had hit Shermathang bad proving to be a nightmare to this beautiful village and its people. After almost two years, the people might have moved on, or at least have tried their best to, but its effects can still be easily seen in the village. However, the people here have not lost their charm and have stood stronger than ever. And that nature of the people, beauty of this place, their culture and folk music; inspired the team to come up with ‘Hyolmo’.

This beauty by Rohit Shakya, Rajan Shrestha and Pema Lama will make its way straight to your heart. Here.

The song starts at 8:17.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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