Happy Birthday, Sudin Pokharel. Please Make A Comeback Soon!!

One of the finest rap artists Nepal has produced, Sudin Pokharel aka DA69, celebrates his birthday today. The rapper originally from Biratnagar was one of the first few artists to have entered the Hip Hop scene in Nepal in the late 90s. Born to a professor father and a medical personnel mother, he moved to Kathmandu after completing high school from Biratnagar.

DA’s first band was SPO x Band that he founded with singer and good friend, Sugam Pokharel. Though the band couldn’t do any wonders and had to be disbanded later, the two remained good friends and collaborated on a number of songs. He then collaborated with Girish Pranil on a song called ‘Ma Yesto Chhu’ which still is one of his most popular songs. He later teamed up with Aidray to form a band called ‘The Unity’, which was later joined by singer Asif Shah as well. The band’s first hit song was ‘She’s The Bomb’. Aaja Pheri, Pahilo Maya, Aba Aaudiana, Prem Ani Aago are some of the most popular numbers by the band.

DA with his band members Aidray and Asif Shah; Photo: CyberSansar

Apart from being a rapper, Sudin also was one of the most popular TV presenters in the 2000s. He used to host sports related shows on Kantipur TV and also did cricket and football commentary. However, he has not been very active in media or music industry lately as he has been living in Australia. His last released song was ‘Samjhana Aairahechha’ in 2014.

Happy birthday, Sudin!

Listen to some of his biggest hits!

We miss you, DA. Make a comeback sooooooon!!

Cover Photo: Kewal Rai

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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