‘Mumbai Dabbawalas’ CEO, Dr. Pawan Agarwal, Set To Visit Kathmandu For An Interactive Session

No. of deliveries each day: 200,000 lunch boxes
No. of delivery men: 5000
Educational qualifications of the delivery men: Mostly illiterate
Medium of transportation: Local train and bicycles
Gadgets used: None
Accuracy level: 1 mistake in 8 million deliveries
Location: Mumbai (6th most populous city in the world)

The above statistics sum up the the efficiency of 120-year-old lunch delivery service based in Mumbai, India called ‘Mumbai Dabbawalas’. The organization is engaged in the business of delivering home-made food to the working professionals at their workplaces. This unique industry that has caught the attention of some of the most prestigious organizations in the world is so impressive that the professors from Harvard Business School travelled to Mumbai to learn about it.

6 days a week, the dabbawalas sort the ten thousands of lunch boxes according to where they come from, and where they are intended to go, labeling each tiffin with a code. The tiffin boxes are then loaded onto local trains and handed off to local dabbawalas who then complete the last leg of the route, delivering the fresh and warm lunch boxes with almost perfect timing. In this digital age when along with all your other requirements, food too is just a ‘touch’ away on your smartphone; it’s surprising to see not only this industry surviving but growing with 5-10% of growth every single year.

There’s a lot that one can learn from these dabbawalas – efficiency, punctuality, discipline, commitment, and networking. And that’s where the organization’s CEO, Dr. Pawan Agarwal, an internationally recognized motivational speaker, comes to the scene who has not only been travelling all around India but all around the world to share the secrets behind running the business with such perfection. He is now scheduled to visit Nepal for the first time to have an interactive session titled ‘The Magic of Mumbai Dabbawlas’ in Kathmandu. Scheduled on August 11th, the event organized by Human Values For Peace And Prosperity (HVPP), will take place at Nepal Academy Hall. The tickets are priced at Rs. 499 and Adhiraj Regmi can be called at 9808341441 for any queries related with the event.

This is an event you can’t afford to miss! For further details of the event, you can connect with the event’s page on Facebook.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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