Mira Rai To Have Her Knee Surgery This Week, Out Of The Trails This Year

Ultra runner, Mira Rai, is scheduled for her knee surgery at a hospital in Verona, Italy on Thursday, July 28th. She had got injured while running in a race in the UK earlier this year. Despite of the injury, she was able to bag the second position at the race. Her next participation was scheduled in Spain but she could not run as her leg was still in pain. Because of the injury, she had to avoid all the major races she was supposed to take part in Spain and Portugal.

Mira had injured her knee during an accident several years ago. Her physio, Arnaud Tortel, had informed her that a cruciate ligament was fully torn. But she was still able to run but taking part in so many of the races made it worse for her. There’s a small fracture in the fibula that needs a surgery. She will have to rest for a couple of months after the surgery takes place, that means she will be out of the trails this entire year.

It’s a shame that this pride of the nation is getting no support from the government for the surgery or for anything that she has been doing to make Nepal proud. The financial support for this knee surgery is being done by two foreigner individuals – Andrea Mondine and Ivelia Read; and all the arrangements are made by her mentor, Tite Togni.

Probably Nepal’s top athlete with the most number of international achievements and the champion of various races around Nepal, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain and France; it’s sad to see that this Bhojpur girl has not received any support from the government level.

Anyways, we hope that our champ will have a successful surgery and she will be back on the trails early next year. We are proud of you, Mira!

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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