7 Reasons We Need More People Like Sumana Shrestha in Nepal

You probably don’t know who Sumana Shrestha is and why should you as she is not a film star or a singer but a commoner. But it’s the unsung heroes like her who make this world a better place. Here, we give you seven reasons why she is exactly the kind of citizen we need in Nepal.

1. Chose Nepal Over A Comfortable Life Abroad


Most of the Nepalese youngsters who go abroad for further studies don’t come back and just settle down there to live a better life. Sumana could have done the same but that was not what she wanted to do with her life. After getting her MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge; she came back to Nepal to do something not only for herself but for the nation.

2. Started Carpooling Culture In Nepal

carpool kathmandu

It’s not like nobody asked for or offered a ride in Nepal earlier but it won’t be wrong to say that Sumana ‘officially’ brought the carpooling culture in Nepal, that too when the people needed it the most because of the economical blockade. With the initiation of Facebook group ‘Carpool Kathmandu’ which has almost around hundred and twenty thousand members now, people have actually started feeling more comfortable in asking for or offering a ride to strangers.

3. Crowdsourcing Medications


One of the ugliest consequences of the economical blockade came in the form of shortage of medications. Hospitals and pharmacies are running out of necessary medications and the most vulnerable are definitely the patients for whom it’s the matter of life and death. Sumana came up with an online platform called ‘Medication For Nepal’ in order to resolve the problem to an extent. The platform has proved to be extremely helpful. She has not only been active online for the campaign but has been working tirelessly on the field as well.

4. Keeping The Earthquake Survivors Warm


With the start of the fatal winter; more than a dozen people were reported to be dead. The most helpless have been the earthquake survivors who are still living under temporary shelters. Sumana has been working with a group of volunteers and supporters to collect funds and sew or buy warm blankets to be provided to the needy people.

5. Chose To Work For People Over A High Paying Job


With the MBA degree from MIT Sloan, Cambridge; she could have taken a high paying job in a reputed firm but she decided not to do so. According to her, taking a full time job will restrict her from doing what she actually wants to do and would slow her down. Unlike most of us, she chooses to work for the people in need instead of working for herself.

6. Active, Aware & Responsible


Sumana is of course an intelligent and responsible citizen. She is aware of the circumstances and knows what part she needs to play as a good citizen. She always takes part in events and rallies held for good causes.

7. A Good Leader


In last few months, Sumana has been extremely active with many campaigns and she has proved to be a good leader. She has been mobilizing her team well and she knows how to get the best out of them. She is a good communicator with a very positive attitude. She definitely is someone we can all look up to.


Sumana Shrestha is not a ‘Superhero’ or anything. She is just a responsible citizen, which most of us have failed to be. While the majority of us are always complaining and blaming the government for everything wrong with our lives, she has been doing everything that she can to make things better. While our leaders are cracking jokes and making people laugh when they actually need to be there for and with the people, it’s the citizens like Sumana who have been working tirelessly to help the people in need. It’s the people like her who are the backbone of the nation. Take a bow!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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