This 9 Minute Video Is The Sweetest Thing You Will Watch Today!

Sisan Baniya is one of the most natural Nepalese vloggers. His videos are not very fancy but every single one of them makes sense and makes you happy, very happy. Here we have brought you one such video which is definitely the sweetest thing you’ve seen in a while. So here’s the story, Sisan had visited a village somewhere around half an hour ride from Bouddha and had met a little girl named Samikshya, who looked like him (at least her hair did). It was before the earthquake when everything was good. Some months after the quake, on September 10 to be precise, he went all the way to the same place again to find the girl and give her a gift. In just 9 minutes, this video will make you realize that how important are little things that we often seem to just ignore. It will make you appreciate your life a little more and will make you want to do ‘little things’ to make other people happy. Watch the vlog titled ‘Little Things’ below and do leave your feedback.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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