Gharmai Acoustic: Promoting Genuine Talents

Gharmai Acoustic is a web-series of unplugged music sessions by various aspiring and established musicians. Initiated by the New York based Nepali singer Uges Limbu who is a part of his band Normal Academic: the series showcases the live music in the way it is performed, not recorded or edited.


In Uges’ own words, “Gharmai Acoustic is a platform for the starters and established artists as well to showcase their musical talent by performing their originals or covers. I have always wanted to do something new and unique rather than stuffs which are already in trend and for me what matters the most is the ‘quality’ no matter in how much simple or realistic way it is presented.”


If you have passion for music and you think you have got what it takes to be featured in the series, then send a message to Uges on his facebook page.

Stay updated with all the performances on the official Youtube page of Gharmai Record Productions. Here are some of the performances. Do share your views.

Diwas Gurung

Phiroj Shyangden

Jagdish Samal

Ankit Adhikari

Subani Moktan



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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