Hercules Basnet: The Singing Sensation

Recently released movie “Jerryy” is gathering praises everywhere and so is the music of the film. Pop star Naren Limbu is the music director of the film and the soundtracks like ‘Ke Yo Maya Ho’, ‘Vanana’, ‘Adrishya Vhahana’ and ‘Chahanchu’ have been very popular among the Nepali music lovers.

Along with the actors, a new singing star has emerged from the movie and it is Hercules Basnet. He has written, composed and sung two of the soundtracks from the movie – ‘Ke Yo Maya Ho’ and ‘Chahanchu’. He has been in the Nepali music scene since 2001 and has been constantly writing and composing songs but the popularity that the soundtracks of Jerry have brought him, has taken him to a step ahead. “Naren Limbu is my favorite music composer and it was my honor to work with him.” He told NeoStuffs.

He has also taken part in a singing competition called ‘Pepsi Voice of Nepal’ and has reached the Top 10. The finale is scheduled in December. He is happy that the Nepali music industry is progressing and individuals are getting opportunities. In his words, “The industry is progressing but it needs more support from the music lovers. We should all support our own music and the artists. And I also wish there were some kinds of support from the government level as well.”

His idol is Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal. Here are some of his works. Do watch and do share your views about him and his works.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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