Meet ‘The Cartoonz Crew’: A Talented B-Boying Crew From Kathmandu

One of the most popular forms of dance these days – ‘B-boying’, which originated in the streets of New York in 1980s, is becoming a craze among Nepali youths as well. With many b-boying crews active, especially in the cities, some of them have secured their places in people’s hearts. One of the most popular b-boying crews from Kathmandu is ‘The Cartoonz Crew’. Formed in 2010; the crew consists of Beest, Pwale, Hulk, Sky, Virzil, Spidey, Spike and Bat. The crew is mostly active in stage performances and flash mobs.


Watch a performance from the crew below. The video is shot by Beest and Son.J in White Gumba and edited by Beest. Do share your views about the crew and like them on Facebook to stay updated with their activities.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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