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This ‘A Capella’ Version Of Nepali National Anthem Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today

“Sayaun Thunga Fulka Haami” was adopted as the national anthem of Nepal in 2007. Written by Byakul Maila and composed […]

It Took 10 Months To Make This Magnificent 3-Minute Time Lapse Video Of Bouddhanath: Watch

11:56 AM on 25th April 2015 changed a lot of things – it was the day Nepal will always remember […]

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ Taken Too Far: Nepal To Observe A Public Holiday On The Day Of Indian Prez Mukherjee’s Arrival

Looks like having the most number of public holidays in the entire world wasn’t enough for Nepal and so the […]

Nepal Tops Lonely Planet’s List Of World’s Best Value Destination For 2017

Nepal’s tourism industry seems to be on the rise again after the 2015 earthquakes and aftershocks. The Himalayan nation had […]

21 Thoughts I Had When I Landed In Nepal After 3 Years!

I had been away from home for last 3 years and recently came back to Nepal. Do you know what […]

In Just 7 Minutes, This Guy Accurately Explains Why Nepalese Are Not United: Watch

No matter how much we chant “Himal Pahad Tarai, chhaina kohi parai” (Regardless of which part of the country we […]

Benedict Cumberbatch Recalls How He Got Lost In Nepal And Survived, Bear Grylls-Style

Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Doctor Strange’ is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Marvel’s $165 million fantasy film directed […]

This ‘Stories Of Nepal’ Post That Perfectly Sums Up The Value Of Education Will Have You In Tears

Stories of Nepal is the best Nepali Facebook page. Period. Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York blog, Jay […]

This Cute Little Girl Dressed As ‘Kumari’ Is Winning The Internet Today!

On Wednesday, Kumari Puja was organized by World Youth Hindu Federation at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square in Kathmandu where more […]

You Won’t Even Realize When This 6-Minute-Video From Nepal Will Make You Emotional

We’ve a 6-minute-video from Nepal that is so beautiful, it will make you emotional. Emotional, not because it’s a sad […]

You Gotta Watch This 23-Minute-Documentary Of Nepalese Honey Hunters Harvesting ‘Mad Honey’

Did you know that there’s a kind of honey called ‘Mad Honey’ that gets you stoned? Sounds like a good […]

Nepal, Let’s Not Turn Streets Into Rivers Of Blood Like In Bangladesh, This Dashain!

A strange and gory scene was seen in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Tuesday after the streets turned into ‘rivers of […]

6 Reasons Why The New Rule Barring Nepalis From Using Tourist Vehicles Is Just Ridiculous

You must have heard or read about it by far, the government is preparing to bar Nepalis from using tourist […]

This Traveller’s One-Second-Shot Video Of Nepal Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today!

Megan Sullivan was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2015 but unlike most of the other people, she didn’t stop ‘living’ […]

Australian Photographer Travels Around Nepal And Asks People To Smile! See The Difference.

Jay Weinstein is a Mumbai based Australian photographer who has started a beautiful photo project called ‘So I Asked Them […]

This Harvard Graduate Quit His Job To Travel Around The World, This Is What He Did In Nepal. Watch!

Nas is an Israeli American who has been travelling around the world. The Harvard University graduate quit his job to […]

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