ASM’s New Song ‘Anubhav’ is 9 Minutes of Pure Awesomeness

One of the very few things that’s keeping me sane this year is music, good music — thanks to all the amazing artistes out there, creating and releasing such beautiful music even during such hard times. You guys are (s)heroes!

The newest track that has me hooked is ‘Anubhav’ by ASM. Man, such good creation.

“This song is a story of love, beyond life and death, beyond the attachment of being together and a moment that will exist even after we don’t”, expresses the lead vocalist Abhishek S. Mishra.

With Abhishek on vocals and guitars, Saiyed Shakya on lead guitars, Kiran Baral on flute, Simon Upreti on bass guitars, and Nikesh Manandhar on drums; the song written by Shaurav Bhattarai is mixed and mastered by Anil Studios and it comes with a lyric video done by Abiz Basukala.

If you wonder where you’ve listened to this music earlier, it’s on Kripa Unplugged. The live session, that was recorded last year, was released on YouTube in March earlier this year.

Abhishek had recently took to his Facebook handle to get candid about what he was going through during the recording of the session. “This recording is now almost a year old. This time last year I was suffering immensely because of the polyp in my throat. It had to be removed any how and I was so lost as to what would happen next”, he wrote.

“Mero singing, my high pitch notes will they all go away? Going through all of this and I have a meeting with Ashish Syangden dai, where he offers me a chance to be on Kripa Unplugged, I thought for zero seconds and said yes. I only had two takes in me and couldn’t sing more than that so what you hear is LIVE live. And after two takes my throat was done but I was so adamant on fucking doing this. I did. And I think a few weeks later was my surgery.”

“I remember asking the anaesthesiologist whether I’d be ok and he said ‘ well it ranges from absolutely ntg to maybe you dying because of an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia ‘. Nice, I said, thanks for keeping it real. I spent many nights after the surgery doubting and repenting why me, why is the universe this cruel to hurt the one thing I’m good at. The answer was simple, to humble me. Human beings are not meant to be humble, they are meant to be humbled.”

‘Anubhav’ is the first track off of ASM’s debut album titled ‘ASM – I’ which was scheduled to be launched on March 21st this year, but couldn’t happen because of the pandemic. The album is now being planned to be released in the last quarter of this year.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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