Bikki Gurung’s ‘Aaja Samma’ Music Video Released

It’s not fair to expect a singer to sing a certain kind of songs only; I mean, they gotta be able to show the world how versatile they are. But I am a selfish person, what can I say. I love it when Bikki Gurung puts out soft, melodious, romantic and kinda sad songs. I am a fan but I didn’t really dig his last release ‘Bikki Bikki Bikki’.

Lucky me, the New York based singer-songwriter is back in his element as he releases a brand new track.

The song’s called ‘Aaja Samma’ and it’s written, composed and sung by Bikki. Storenutter has produced, mixed and mastered the track that comes with a music video by Gaurav Tamang, Sudin Bajracharya, Shashank Thapa, Pritika Shrestha, Nisseem Joshi Shrestha and Nirvan Karkee.

This, right here, is a beautiful song. Enjoy!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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