Every Fuzz Factory Music Video Dropped in 2020 So Far

Give me a pen, a paper and five minutes and I could make a list of all the music videos made by Fuzz Factory Productions just off the top of my head. Yep, I am such a huge fan of their works. From Aastha T Maskey and Zindabaad music videos to the ones for Rohit J Chettri, Topi, Underside, Aarogya, Bikash Chamling, The Act and of course, Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Tribal Rain and Ankit Shrestha, among others; all of their works have always been delight to watch — leaving you wishing they would make a feature film or a web series soon.

While the covid thing has stopped everything including the production of films, series, songs and music videos that we would have been enjoying in a couple of months if everything were normal; the gang has still managed to release four music videos this year so far.

‘Kalpanik’ is a song written, composed and sung by Ronit Maharjan. The music video starring Arpana Lama and Nozomi Rana is directed by Sanjay Subedi with Raywot Shrestha as the DOP, colorist and VFX compositor.

A beautiful song with a cute music video.

Zoheb Shah’s ‘Aakarshan’ has a pretty aakrashak music video starring himself along with ‘Sarauto’ actress Sumi Moktan. Conceptualized by Zoheb himself, the music video is shot by Raywot Shrestha and edited by Manjit Lama.

A catchy number it is.

Srijana Regmi. Need I say more? This girl’s rad and so is the latest music video she stars in, along with Prasid Rajopadhyaya. The song’s called ‘Yehi Nai Hola’ and Akash Rajbanshi is the voice behind it. Barkha Mukhiya has directed the video with Raywot Shrestha as the cinematographer.

Aaaaaand here comes my favorite music video on this list, and I love this song. In 2018, Doleck released his debut music video ‘Jhareko Yo Aansu’, a work of Fuzz and after two years, they’ve teamed up again to bring us ‘Bhana K’. Written, composed and sung by Doleck; Diwas Gurung has produced and mixed the song that is mastered by Roop Patel.

The music video is directed by the OG, Rohit Shakya while the cinematography, VFX and editing is done by, you already know it by now, Raywot Shrestha.

This song is a vibe.

Let me know in the comments about other 2020 music videos that you have loved so far. Stay safe, y’all.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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