After a Looooong Battle With a Telugu Film, ‘Galbandi’ is Finally #1 Trending Video on YT

‘Galbandi’ is finally at the top of the trending list on YouTube in Nepal.

Dude, it’s hard for for a Nepali content to be the no. 1 trending video on YouTube as there’s always got to be at least one South Indian film stopping it to be at the top. That’s what happened to the latest Prakash Saput music video.

The song called ‘Galbandi’ was put out less than a week ago, on May 25th. As expected from the ‘Dohori Battle’ singer, within hours the song started to trend on YouTube in Nepal. It was predicted that the 15-minute video would soon be the no. 1 trending video on the video-sharing platform but that didn’t really happen until today.

On the same day, last week, a Telugu film titled ‘ Savyasachi’ was released on the platform. Like most of the other South Indian films starring some big names, the Hindi dubbed film soon made it to the top of the trending list. Directed by Chandoo Mondeti, the action drama starring Naga Chaitanya and R. Madhavan hadn’t done any wonders at the box office when it released in November last year but it is turning out to be a hit on YouTube with over 35 million views.

‘Galbandi’, on the other hand, is about to hit 5 mil views. The prequel to ‘Bola Maya’, written and composed by Prakash Saput is sung by himself along with Shanti Shree Pariyar. With Kharka Budha Magar on madal and Ratna BK on Basuri, the track is mixed by Shyamswet Rasaily and arranged by Krishna BK “Bhanja”. The video starring Anjali Adhikari is directed by Saput himself.

Here, watch it here for the hundredth time.

The other videos that make the top 5 list are ‘Dui Rupaiyan‘ film and the unplugged version of ‘Marijau‘ by Sajjan Raj Vaidya and Bikki Gurung, along with a news report by Tattato Khabar.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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