After 13 Years, Nirnaya NSK and Preeti Kaur’s ‘Suna’ Gets a Music Video

Thirteen years after its first release, ‘Suna’ finally has a music video.

The song was originally part of Nirnaya NSK’s ‘Ma Nepali – NSK Style’ album that was released in year 2005. In 2017, when the ‘Hamro Gaule Jivan’ rapper came up with an album titled ‘Ek Nepal – NSK Style ‘ after over a decade long hiatus, the song was included in the new album as well.

“Some changes have been made there, like there’s a new beat in the song now”, he explained. “The new album is a collection of some new songs along with some of my old songs. There was no music video for ‘Suna’ and so I thought of making one now.

The song, that also features Preeti Kaur on vocals, is written and composed by Nirnaya NSK himself. The music video starring the reining Miss Nepal International Ronali Amatya  is shot by Ram Timilsina and Shailendra Khokali, edited by Sabizz Media and co-directed by Nirnaya NSK and Shailendra.

Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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