Quiz: Let’s Check How Much Of A ‘NepHop Ko Kira’ Are You!

Are you into Nepali Hip Hop? Do you stay updated about the scene? Are you a ‘NepHop Ko Kira’? Well, let’s check. Take this quiz. All of these questions are related to the songs and albums that were released this year.


Which one of these is not an MC Flo song?

What is the name of Yodda's second album?

How many songs were originally supposed to be in Yama Buddha's 'Khatra' Album?

Who among these is not mentioned in Girish Khatiwada's 'Be What You Wanna Be'?

Which film did Laure and Aidray collaborated on a song for?

Who has produced the beats for Lil' Buddha's 'Tathastu' Album?

Is 'Chup Laag' Laure's debut album?

"Ma khattam thiye, ma thiye nikai murkha" - whose lyrics are these?

Whose song is 'Rap Ko Kira'?

Who among these was Nasty's diss track 'Reminder' directed at?

Who performed 'Yama Ra Buddha', a song released by Trap Nepal?

What's the name of Nirnaya Da NSK's latest album released this year?

Who among these female rappers was a finalist in a Belgian talent show called 'De Nieuwe Lichting' this year?

Which one of these is a Uniq Poet song?

Which album is 'Na Sakne K Nai Cha' song from?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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