Your Favorite Rapper Is Back. Lattu Hip Hop Drops Brand New Music Video

Rappers and emcees – be afraid, be very afraid. The legend is back!!

Lattu Hip Hop — who used to be the toughest competition for Girish-Pranil, Nepsydaz, The Unity and Rappaz Union in the early and mid 2000s — is back. The ‘Ma Ek Baalak’ hitmaker is here again to let the world know who the real MVP is. The word on the street is that the young guns like Laure, Lil’ Buddha, Yodda and V-Ten are now looking for places to hide as they have realized that they won’t stand a chance against the man. Nope, we’re definitely not being sarcastic at all.

The legend, now Lattu Hip Hop RDM, has dropped a music video for his brand new single titled ‘Yo Maya Chha Chokho’. Written, composed and performed by Lattu himself; the song is arranged by Deepesh Singh. The music video; that has the dashing rapper – now swaggier than ever – hanging around with his sqaud; is shot and edited by Rajendra Dangol and edited by Sunil Krishna Tamrakar.

Who are we to review a legend’s work, we’ve got nothing on him — just watch it yourself.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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