The Act’s ‘Haraeko’ Music Video Is About Coping With Mental Illness

The Act recently released their first official music video.

The music video for the four-member band’s second original single ‘Haraeko’ is quite an intense one.

Done by Fuzz Factory Productions, the music video is about mental health, and coping with mental illness. Vocalist Suzeena Shrestha plays the protagonist in the video, and her character seems to have a pretty rough childhood because of her parents’ toxic relationship.

“Haraeko thiye ma, kunai aawaj diyenau, mero aawaj sunenau;

Andhyaroma thiye ma, kunai aasha diyenau, malai aasha diyenau.”

But as the character already have had enough of it, she is now trying to cope with depression and life.

“Bhetdai chhu ma aafailai, sametdai chhu ma aafailai,

Din raat ek gari, uthna lako prayaas haru.”

The music video written, directed and edited by Himal Omeo Thapa is filmed by Prasiit Sthapit. Along with the band members, it stars Divya Dev, Loonibha Tuladhar and Priyanshi Shrestha.

The Act had earlier released their first original single titled ‘Prashna’ in December last year. The band consists of Suzeena Shrestha, Avishek KC, Raul Regmi and Pujan Manandhar.

Powerful lyrics, strong vocals, amazing music and an impressive music video — here’s ‘Haraeko’.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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