Brijesh Shrestha Drops Music Video For ‘Sadai Vari’

Brijesh Shrestha is undoubtedly one of the finest singers in Nepal at the moment. The Kathmandu based singer who has so far released some beautiful songs like ‘Timi Nai’, ‘Aaudai Chhu Ma’, ‘Timilai Dekhera’ and ‘Baseko Chu’ among others; had a concert along with Nepsydaz and Fuba Tamang in Australia in April this year. During his stay there, he also took the time to shoot a music video; and it has been released today.

The song titled ‘Sadai Vari’ is written and composed by Prakash Basfor and Bizen. Brijesh Shrestha has not only the sung the song but has also produced the beat for it. The music video that has Aashika Sedai is shot by Norbu Tamang and Gyanon Chitrakar; and edited by Brijesh himself.

It’s a beautiful song with an equally good music video. Watch.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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