Ayushman DS Joshi & Priyanka Karki In Hemant Sharma’s ‘Haare Aaja’ Music Video: Watch

A new music video from lyricist Mani Raj Basnet’s new album ‘Mani’ has been released. Composed and arranged by B.B. Anuragi, the song titled ‘Haare Aaja’ is sung by Hemant Sharma. The music video that is shot by Dhiraj Jung Shah, edited by Lokesh Bajracharya and directed by Suraj Singh Thakuri stars Priyanka Karki and Ayushman DS Joshi.


The emotional and sad song about heartbreak has been beautifully executed. The wonderful music video has added to the beauty of the song. Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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