Swoopna Suman’s New Single Will Remind You Of Your Crush (Even If You Never Had One)

If YouTube Fan Fest was organized in Nepal as well, Swoopna Suman’s would be one of the most anticipated acts in the event. He is a YouTube star who is one of the most streamed Nepali cover artists on this platform. But apart from doing beautiful covers, he does release his original singles as well. He recently released his sixth single titled ‘Kasari Bhanu’. It’s a chilled out and feel-good song that will definitely make you think of your crush, even if you never had one, and just smile.

Written, composed and performed by Swoopna; the song is arranged and recorded by Firoz Bajracharya. The animated lyrical video is done by Anup Sapkota.

Listen to it here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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