5 Heart-Wrenching Songs About ‘Working Abroad’ That Almost Made Us Cry

It’s not that every Nepali working abroad has the similar situations and experiences. There are many Nepalis who are working at some of the most prestigious organizations and companies in good positions; and live with their families. On the other hand, there are Nepalis who are struggling every day, every minute while working overseas and the worst thing is, they don’t get to live with their families. According to a recent report, at least 386 Nepali workers died in 2016 in Malaysia alone. Simply put, more than one Nepalis die in Malaysia every single day. The working situations in Qatar are not very different, and the same goes on with various other countries.

Many of you would question that why do people still go abroad to work in such situations even when they know that it’s going to be extremely difficult. Well, people have their own reasons. Believe us, most of them would never want to go hundreds of miles away from home, away from their loved ones, to work in such extreme conditions if they really had better options. We are not justifying it and we strongly believe that the people should work hard and try to do something in their homeland; but then again, it might not be that easy for everyone.

There have been various songs about such situations of Nepalis working abroad and we’ve selected the five most heart-wrenching ones among them which make many people cry. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Saili

Hemant Rana made his comeback after over five years with this one. ‘Saili’ is currently the #1 trending video on YouTube in Nepal with over half a million views in less than 24 hours. Written by Kali Prasad Baskota and Hamila Saud, the music is composed by Kali. The music video that has Gaurav Pahari and Menuka Pradhan is directed by Rana himself.

2. Sunko Bala

Composed by Cool Pokhrel, ‘Sunko Bala’ is a real tearjerker. The song written by Kiran ‘Michael’ is performed by Avinash Ghising and Ram Chandra Kafle. The music video that has the sketches by Bimal Lama is extremely emotional.

3. Sunko Jutta

The least popular song in this list but probably the most powerful one, ‘Sunko Jutta’ is Night band’s one of the best works. Written by Jason Kunwar, just one line of this song says it all about how working abroad might turn out to be for some people, “Sunko Jutta Jo Lagauchhan, Ragat Ko Butta Banauchhan”. The extremely intense music video starring Khum Bahadur Pariyar, Raj Kumar Pudasaini, Devi Pariyar and Saraswati Chaudhary among others is directed by Bhibhusan Basnet and Pooja Gurung.

4. Pardeshi Nabhana

Written and composed by Kali Prasad Baskota, ‘Pardeshi Nabhana’ is sung by Manish Dhakal. The emotional song tells the story of why a person often decides to go abroad even if they don’t want to. The music video starring Nischal Basnet is directed by Nikesh Khadka. It’s a well made video that leaves us speechless in the end.

5. Mero Solta

Ten thousands of youths go through some selection processes every year in Nepal to serve the army of other nations. They work hard for months but only a couple of hundred of them get selected. Laure’s ‘Mero Solta’ is a song about one such youth who works hard, gets selected to be a soldier and returns home in a coffin as he dies fighting a war abroad. The song that also features Gun Ace has a heartbreaking music video shot, edited and directed by Milan Thapa.

So, which one among these is your favorite? Do comment below.

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