Fresh Tunes: ‘Mann’ From ‘Chiya Pasal’ Short Film Is Mesmerizing

‘Chiya Pasal’ is an upcoming short film written, directed and edited by Binod Gautam. The film produced by Feature Studios stars Shrijal Rupakheti, Inesha Bhattarai and Prakash Gadal. An original soundtrack for the film has recently been released. Written by Binod Gautam and Nischal Khadka, the song titled ‘Mann’ is performed by Aakrista band that has Nischal Khadka on vocals, Bikram Bashyal on guitar, Shrawan Thakuri on keyboard and Pratik Satyal on Tabla. It’s a soothing number with some beautiful music and an amazing composition. The music video filmed at One Tree Hill, Bhainsepati and Kakani features the band members. The aerial shots are commendable.

Well, with this beautiful track playing in the background, we would definitely love to watch the short film. As it will take some time for the film’s release, enjoy this song for the time being.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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