‘Kandara’ Are Back After 9 Years & Looks Like The Wait Was Absolutely Worth It!

“Hong Kong – Pokhara…. Nirmohi Aafno Ko Chha Ra”; there must be few Nepalese who haven’t heard this evergreen song. It’s one of those songs you can never get bored of and so are ‘Tagaroma Rumaal Rakhi’, ‘Timi Paari’ and various of other songs of this band – KANDARA, who have just made a COMEBACK! Yes, you read it right, the pop-folk band from Pokhara; whose last released album was ‘Barsaun Pachhi’ in 2007; have just released the music video of the title song from their new album titled ‘Bhedi Gothaima’.

Well, what do we say about the song. It’s an absolute treat for all the music lovers. The song written by Saru Bhakta has been sung by the lead vocalist, Bivek Shrestha, and just like every single time; he has absolutely nailed it. The music video shot in Mustang features ‘November Rain’ actress Chhulthim Gurung along with SR Gurung and Raju. It had been quite some time since the maestro, Bhusan Dahal, had directed any music video; and it’s good to have him back. The video that is beautifully shot by Dhiraj Jung Shah and edited by Bharat Regmi, adds to the beauty of the song.

Watch the music video below and let us know what you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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