Prabal Gurung To Design Nepal Police Uniform

International fashion designer, Prabal Gurung, will be designing the uniform of Nepal Police. In a facilitation program held at Nepal Police Headquarter where he was assigned the Honorary Member of Nepal Police by the Inspector General of Police Upendra Kant Aryal, he committed to help make the current uniform more attractive. The New York based designer who was in Nepal for a few days, returned to New York on Saturday and will be working on the design there. He recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of his charity ‘Shikshya Foundation Nepal’ in Kathmandu.

We are absolutely excited to see how the design turns out to be. Our cops are definitely going to have the coolest uniform and they would proudly say, “Hey look, I am wearing a Prabal Gurung outfit.” Not to mention, no Nepali celebrity has worn his design yet. He had promised Nisha Adhikari that he would design for her if her film ‘Soongava’ makes it to Oscars but unfortunately, it didn’t. In a short exchange of tweets on microblogging site Twitter recently, he did promise Priyanka Karki that he will design a dress for her. We’ll have to wait to see when the lucky day for her arrives.

Many Hollywood and Bollywood A-listers have been flaunting his designs for years; and finally our real-life ‘heroes’ too will be proudly donning a design by everyone’s favorite designer. Who’s excited?

Cover Picture: From Prabal Gurung’s Twitter


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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