Celebs React To: Agriculture Minister Weeping in Public After Watching A Film

You must have read and even seen the video of our Agriculture Minister, Haribol Gajurel, weeping like a child in front of media. No, it was not in memory of the people who died in earthquake a year ago; it was not even about the increasing number of crimes in the nation; or no, it was not even about the farmers not being able to make enough for themselves and their families even after working hard all year in the fields. So, why did he cry? Well, he watched a film called ‘Rahadani’ starring Dayahang Rai, directed by Dabbu Chhetri. More precisely, he couldn’t stop his tears when he saw a cow dying in the film. He was so emotionally overwhelmed that even after he came out of the theater and was interacting with the media, he broke down. To be honest, we felt like it was completely a publicity stunt. What if he weren’t the agriculture minister, would he still feel the same after seeing the cow’s death on screen? Okay, what if he were the Finance Minister and watched Loot; would he cry that the bank was robbed, which affects the economy of the nation? May be he got inspired by the former Minister of General Administration, Lal Babu Pandit and his status among the public. But nah, that’s not how it works Mantri Jiu; you got to do something good in order to get that special place in the hearts of the people. This kind of act, we’re afraid, will only make you a joke in front of the people. We’re sorry if it was actually a genuine emotion, but it just didn’t touch us, nope, not at all.

Moving ahead, the team of Channel Aribtrary’s ‘Nepal Reacts’ went to some celebrities to record their reactions on the video. Believe us, the reactions are pure gold. Watch the video below. Also, do not forget to comment what you think of the minister’s act. Do you think it was fake or do you think it was actually a genuine emotion? Enlighten us!

And yes Mantri Jiu, please pay close attention to what footballer Jagjit Shrestha has to say.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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