Bipul Chettri is All Set To Release His First Music Video. This is What It’s Going To Look Like

If we ask you to tell us some Nepali (language) songs released in last couple of years that you’ve listened to more than ten times, we know you’ll have a tough time remembering any other than Bipul Chettri songs. In this digital age where our favorite songs are just a ‘touch’ away, we had started taking music for granted and then entered Bipul into the Nepali music scene and reminded us what does music actually mean. In less than two years, this Kalimpong contemporary folk singer has taken the music industry by storm. First heard on online music streaming portal ‘SoundCloud’, the singer along with his band ‘The Travelling Band’ has been touring around the world and have become the best musicians to listen to live. Just an album old, what this artist has achieved in such a short interval of time is beyond expectations.

His album ‘Sketches of Darjeeling’ was one of the best selling indie albums in India in 2015 on music portal He bagged three of the major awards at Hits FM Award that took place recently. His album won the best pop-rock album of the year, ‘Syndicate’ song won the best pop-rock composition of the year and he won the best male pop vocal performance of the year for the same song as well.

When we had started thinking that it’s impossible for a new artist to get noticed without a good music video, this Delhi based singer/songwriter came and proved us wrong. He showed us that it’s music and only music that actually matters. However, to present something new to his fans from around the world, he is all set to release his very first music video. He recently took to his Facebook handle to announce and share the first sneak peek of his music video. He wrote:

“Here’s a first sneak peek into our rotoscope, pencil-animated video being developed currently. In the hope of maintaining an artistic and aesthetic approach just like we strive do so in our music, we thought this was the right and only way to go about it in the current scenario. More News as it Happens. Now, guess which song it is for.”

bipul mv

Can you guess which song it might be? Do you think it is ‘Dadhelo’ or ‘Mann’? It certainly doesn’t look like it’s for ‘Asar’ or ‘Syndicate’ or is it? Make your guess and comment which song you think it is. Oh boy! We are excited already and just can’t to wait to watch this music video.

Here’s ‘Mann’ for you.

Cover Photo: Sonam Tashi


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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