Bipul Chettri to Bring ‘Asar’ in Kathmandu

This ‘Ashwin’ will be a little different in Kathmandu as the people will feel and re-live the month of ‘Asar’ all over again. The singing sensation from Darjeeling – Bipul Chettri who has won thousands of hearts with his songs like ‘Asar’, ‘Wild Fire/Dadhelo’ and ‘Mountain High’, is all set to perform at Club 25 Hours on October 11th. Music lovers had been buying his album ‘Sketches of Darjeeling’ online on and itunes and he recently released the album on CDs as well. The music CDs of his first album, which consists of six soothing Nepali songs, also will be available to buy at the venue. The tickets for the event which is part of his musical tour ‘Lai Bari Lai’ have been priced at Rs. 1000.

“The 11th gig is going to be the first gig in Nepal and really looking forward to it.” The singer, who is the Head of the Art Department in Vasant Valley School in New Delhi, told NeoStuffs. This event is surely going to be the sweetest Dashain treat for all the music lovers in K-Town. Here is ‘Asar’, a song you just can’t get enough of. Enjoy!

Have a look at the official promotional video for the event:


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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