‘Sano Sansar’: New Web Series You Gotta Watch

Let me be completely honest, there are very few — like extremely few — Nepali web series on YouTube that are actually worth your time (and data) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

The folks at Tunamuna Production are quite creative and I’ve liked some of their works in the past. Few years back in 2020, they made a web series about some film school students called ‘Action Cut’ but too bad, they didn’t continue it and just left it with one episode released. It did look promising and it was surprising that they didn’t complete it. Another one of their works that I had liked was a short film titled ‘Sambandhak’ that they released later that year. Both of those were directed by Siddhartha Pudasaini.

After three years, the team’s back with another web series and it’s called ‘Sano Sansar’. They released the first episode last week on November 10th and I did like it but didn’t write anything about it ‘cos I thought may be there won’t be a second episode. Well this time, looks like these guys have got it together as they just released another episode today — and it was even better than the first one. And I am actually looking forward to the next episodes; and I hope, they are gonna complete this thing this time.

Anyway, the story’s about a middle class family that has parents and two daughters — well, there’s a son as well but he is kinda out of the picture. Just like any other ordinary middle class family, this one has got a lot of problems too, the most prominent being the financial one. They sure are having a hard time, not just with money, but with everything else as well — the eldest daughter is yet to get married, and there’s a younger one too, who by the way is trying to go abroad for studies, which again requires a lot of money. Then there are some so called relatives who are no good either. So like I said, an extremely common and ordinary family that a lot of people can actually relate too.

The series stars Anu Dahal, Sita Devi Timalsena, Raj Pangeni Sharma, Anjasha Rijal, Jiban Gautam, Aayush Shrestha and Sarita Bhandari. Written by Sarisma Khatri Pudasaini; ‘Sano Sansar’ is directed and edited by — yep, the same guy — Siddhartha Pudasaini.

Here, watch the two episodes that have released so far. A new one drops every Friday on YouTube, so watch out for them as well.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Keep up the good work, you guys!


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