Looking for Some Quality Nepali Content Online? Watch This Short Film.

When you thought this one’s gonna be the worst year when it comes to satisfy your entertainment cravings; the OTT platforms became your best friend, offering the best of cinema and web series. But there’s always this wish that remains unfulfilled; the wish to see some good, quality home-grown content. We don’t even have a decent OTT platform to start with and that’s probably because not many users are ready to pay for such services yet, making it hard for the creators to survive. Anyway that’s a conversation for some other day.

I am writing this to let you know about a new Nepali short film that’s really good. The film’s called ‘Sambandhak’ and it’s a work of TunaMuna Productions. Written, directed and edited by Siddhartha Pudasaini, the film produced by Suraj Katuwal stars Mira Khadka, Aankanshya GC, Sandesh Shakya, Simanta Pudasaini and Sajal Lopchan.

So I am watching this film and I am trying real hard to remember where I have seen these actors before. And then it hit me, they were in this web series titled ‘Action-Cut’ that I had earlier liked. Too bad the series is limited to just one episode, that was released in April, as of now.

Anyway, this film might not be your story but some parts of the film will surely hit you right in the feels, no matter whether you’ve experienced those feelings or not. The characters seem so real, thanks to the talented cast. Even though it’s released as a Tihar special film, it doesn’t revolve around Bhai Tika and I like that.

Here, watch this beautiful film.

No matter how annoying your sibling(s) might sometimes get, you love them unconditionally. Oh come on, admit it.

Happy Tihar, you guys!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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