Yo, Why is this Reality Talent Show Contestant Intro Parody So Accurate!!!

We’ve all got a love-hate relationship with reality television talent shows. It’s always fun to watch the contestants showcase their talents — some of whom can be really, like really talented. So, it’s great that all these shows have given them platforms to do their thing. But sometimes such shows can get hella dramatic with all the melodrama as they take you to the places where some of the contestants grew up, how they struggled while growing up — in short, their sob story. Hey, don’t you dare judge me like that. Of course, it’s meant to be inspiring and shit — like telling people that if they did it right from the bottom, so can you. I get that point, but it can get too boring sometimes with all that unnecessary drama.

Wait, why am I talking about all this right now?

I just came across this parody by Achal Shahi Thakuri and bro is straight up winning this TikTok thing! His act, background music, edit — everything is so much on point. It’s actually like you are legit watching a real contestant intro video on some dancing reality show.

Watch on TikTok!

See, I told you, it’s good. Keep up the good work, fam.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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