‘Fulthunge Rani’ Model Alex Biswokarma Making Big Screen Debut With Bipin Karki, Miruna Magar

It’s always good to see talented people get break.

When I saw Alex Biswokarama aka Paras in the ‘Fulthunge Rani‘ music video, I was sure this guy’s gonna get a lot more music videos, and might even get a film some day. Well, it’s only been three months since that video released, and he has already bagged a film role — that too alongside two of the top actors right now, Bipin Karki and Miruna Magar.

The creative people who have made some fine music videos in recent years — Artmandu — are up for a new challenge now as they have announced their first ever feature film. Titled ‘Oonko Sweater’ (The Woolen Sweater in English), the film that will release next year in 2024, is set to be directed by Nabin Chauhan – who has also written the story.

Alex, a dancer who is quite popular on social media platforms, was also part of Indian rapper Badshah’s ‘Sanak’ music video, that was released earlier this year in March. It happened when the hook step choreographed by him on a part of the song went so viral online that he got invited by Badshah’s team to Mumbai to be part of the video.

His short choreographed dance videos — that instantly go viral on TikTok and Instagram reels — have impressed various Bollywood celebs including Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty and Remo D’Souza who have also danced to his choreographed moves.

I am actually looking forward to this film. I like the cast, and I like the people behind the film. They have released the title song of the film already and it’s a work of the super-hit duo of lyricist Hark Saud and singer Sujan Chapagain. The music is produced by Kobid Bazra and the song has Prince Nepali on sarangi and Deepson Putuwar on flute.

It’s soooo soothing!

Good luck, you guys. Make a good flick, huss?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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