These AI-Generated Images of Nepali Actresses Make Me Wish They Were Actual Movie Stills

Our cinema is still far behind, and it will take years to catch up with the other film industries. But slowly (like really, really slowly) we are getting somewhere and there have been some (very few) filmmakers that have started experimenting and making films that are a little different than the most of the formula movies. But the problem is, those kind of movies — those that get praised at the film festival circuit, hardly find any audience at the cinemas.

Anyway, all we – the audience – can do is hope that our films too will start getting better, but at least with the help of the AI technology, we can get slight idea of how some of our actors would look like if a lot of hard work and some good budget was put into making a fantasy and adventure film.

Pranab Joshi, the director of Resham Filili (don’t stress yourself; that film with ‘Jaalma’ soundtrack), has lately been making some AI-generated pictures that imagine our actors in their never-seen-before avatars. And these pictures make me wish we had some filmmakers who will actually try something like this. I know, it’s hella difficult but a guy can wish, right?

Look at Swastima Khadka in this rugged look. Our very own Lara Croft, she can totally pull off a role like this. Would love to see her play a badass character like this, kicking some serious ass.

From pageant to music videos; and then from theater to big screen, Usha Rajak has done it all. Having worked in films like ‘Iku’, ‘Kusume Rumal 2’ and ‘Kathaa‘; she took a seven-year gap between 2011 to 2019 when she moved to Krygyzstan. Upon her return to Nepal, she made her comeback with horror flick ‘Kathaputali’.

Another beauty queen turned actress, Nisha Adhikari is a real badass irl too. I mean, how many other folks from films and pageantry do you know who have climbed Mt. Everest? That’s what I thought!

Niti Shah is yet to make her silver screen debut. She is to be seen opposite Pradeep Khadka in ‘Kamino’, the film that will also mark the comeback of Raj Ballav Koirala. Exciting!

Wait, didn’t realize earlier that we have so many pageant queens turned actors in the industry. Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha debuted opposite Anmol KC in 2016 film ‘Gajalu’. IMO, she is yet to give a film that truly showcases her talent.

Aaaaaaand, brace yourselves for the queen! Love this girl. And you will see a new avatar of Priyanka Karki as she is now part of the latest season of Himalaya Roadies, which has started filming already.

Nagma Shrestha is not into films but she is a big name in the pageant scene in Nepal. The first every Miss Universe Nepal is a Wonder Woman!

While these are not real images but they do give us the hope that may be some day our cinema will evolve and we will be able to see characters like these on the big screen. No matter what, always rooting for Nepali cinema to win!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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