Hey There, Here’s A New Song For You to Keep on Repeat This Week!

If you don’t vibe to VZN songs; dude, why are you even paying your internet bill?

The ‘Bhunte Ki Aaama’ hitmaker is back with another banger, and issa vibe!!


The song’s called ‘Sodhirakchin Mommy’ and it’s written, composed and performed by VZN. The music for the song, that also features Sushishery on vocals, is produced by Prodbyfrancis; and the music video too is directed and edited by VZN himself. Shot by Salin Bajracharya, the MV stars Monalisa Magar, Doma Tshering Lama, Erona T. Magar, Muxxfiin and Freddie.

Such a cool song, man. Such a cool song!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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