Rohit Shakya Releases Seven-Track Lo-fi Mixtape ‘Fikka’

Lo-fi is still an under-rated genre in Nepal and there are only a handful of producers doing this genre; but if you have to find out its popularity worldwide, the success of one lo-fi music producer says it all. Sagun, a name you might not even be familiar with, is the biggest Nepali artist on Spotify — yes, bigger than Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Vten, Sujan Chapagain or simply any other singer-songwriter or band; with over a million monthly listeners on the streaming platform.

But this is not a write-up about Sagun, but another multi-talented artist, Rohit Shakya aka The Author who has recently dropped a lo-fi mixtape titled ‘Fikka’. The seven-track mixtape features DUKE, Axata Singh, Abhisek Bhadra, Rubin Shrestha and Trishala.

The mixtape’s so chill and also, the visuals are so cool.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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