Watch: Cricket Team Getting a Hero’s Welcome in Biratnagar Will Make You Emotional

Nepal cricket team is on a roll right now. Ever since we got coach Monty Desai, our team has turned out to be almost unbeatable. As the champions of the ACC Men’s Premiere Cup, we’ve already made our way to the Asia Cup; and if everything goes well, we’re sure to play against India and Pakistan in September this year — which, as every true Nepali cricket fan knows, is a huge achievement in itself. We’re also set to play the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 qualifiers in Zimbabwe in July with the aim to secure one of the two remaining spots for the ODI World Cup.

If you’ve been a fan ever since the Division 5 days, you know what golden age of cricket we are currently witnessing already. This was all a dream, and now we’re getting to live it — all thanks to our heroes. So when they got a welcome they truly deserve in Biratnagar earlier this week, it was sure to make us all emotional.

Our star player, Sompali Kami, documented the moments in his vlog; and all we can say is, “Thank you Biratnagar for letting our heroes know what they mean to us.”

Watch here.

Also, In-Depth Story has done a wonderful job as they have released a new video telling the entire history of cricket in Nepal and how we’ve come this far. Give this one a watch as well and relive those moments.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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