Trailer: ‘Bato’ Has ‘Wrong Turn’ Meets ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ Kinda Vibe

Give me a cheer if you watched ‘Wrong Turn’ on a VCD player in the early 2000s! Wait, why am I talking like I am performing stand up comedy on stage? Anyway, you get my point. Man, that was such a good time for movie lovers. I mean it is even better now with way, way more options; but back then was not bad either. We could finally have the freedom to choose which film to watch at what time — without having to rely on what’s been shown on the television. Who would have thought that a decade later, you would have the entire library of movies right on your fingertips. Crazy!

Damn, nostalgia! Totally made me forget what I was writing about.

Okay, so there’s a new Nepali movie trailer that made me think of that era of slasher/horror/thriller road movies. Back then, every Nepali film used to be a family drama/love story. Good thing, they’ve started experimenting in recent years. So, this new film is called ‘Bato – Road to Death’ and it has that ‘Wrong Turn’ and ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ kind of vibe — things get crazy when the characters come across a bunch of pyscho killers, in this case some tantrik kinda people who are probably into sacrificing people (or just killing them) and stuff.

This sure looks interesting. No big names in the cast, except Mithila Sharma. Most of other cast members are fresh faces who are making their big screen debut. There’s Aashant Sharma, Pashupati Rai, Utppal Jha, Rakshya Thapa, Sulakchhyan Bharati, Bijay Anand Tamrakar, Rajen Thapa, Avash Adhikari, Ganesh Upadhyay and Kiran Shahi. Written, directed and edited by Madan Thapa, the film is produced by Chandan Jha.

I am not familiar with the works of other actors; but I remember watching Utppal Jha in a web series called P.S. Zindagi; and Rakshya Thapa in another web series ‘Action-Cut‘ which kinda got cancelled right after the first episode. They were both good in their parts; so I am actually looking forward to this film.

The release date is not set for the film yet; but I do hope it gets a good and wide release. Here’s the trailer.

Update: An English trailer of the film has also been released now, and it looks pretty cool too. The dubbing is quite solid. Watch.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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