Curtis Waters Drops Music Video For ‘The Feelings Tend to Stay the Same’

Alright, I am gonna be completely honest here. I thought Curtis Waters will probably become a one-hit wonder with his widely popular tiktok sensation Stunnin’ track. But here he is, putting out amazing music, one after another.

After the massive success of Stunnin’, he put out System — a completely different kind of track than he earlier released and now he has come up with a ballad. Man, that’s three different sides of his music that he has shown in last three months. Dude’s versatile for sure.

The 20-year-old’s latest track is called ‘The Feelings Tend to Stay the Same’ that he wrote for a girl he was seeing in college.I wrote it after I dropped out of college because of my own health issues. I stopped talking to everybody and couldn’t message her anymore but I wanted to say thank you, and sorry. I knew I was getting sick and I secretly knew I was dropping out of college soon”, he candidly revealed in a statement.

“The last night we saw each other I planned a really special date. I wrote her a letter, I bought her flowers and chocolates and I took her to a movie. It was supposed to be really romantic but I was on a lot of medication for my bi-polar and they made me really sick so I couldn’t even watch the movie, I just kept throwing up in the bathroom all night.”

But while he thought “she would be mad or disappointed”, she was actually there for him and waited outside, being “really kind and supportive.”

“It meant a lot. I felt really cared for. And then we never saw each other again. After I dropped out, most days I would reminisce about what happened and the mistakes I made. I hope she’s doing good, and even though things may have ended bad between us. The feelings don’t ever go away.”

“The song is a bittersweet thank you/apology letter that I wish I could say to her face. I wrote it hoping she would be curious enough to search me up and listen to my song about her and understand what happened and how I felt about the situation.”

That’s nice. No, I don’t mean it’s nice that they couldn’t see each other anymore; I meant, it’s nice that he actually thinks highly of his ex. That’s kinda rare. And I am sure she knows you’ve been doing great, Curtis and I hope she admires what you’ve been doing.

Born in Nepal, Curtis (originally Abhi Bastakoti) lives in North Carolina. His single Stunnin has amassed a whopping 50 million streams on Spotify already. Our guy’s going places!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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