Y’all, You Gotta Check This Version of ‘Phone Ko Number’ Out

Sushant KC might just read a grocery list and it would sound romantic anyway.

Earlier this month in June, Sushant KC dropped ‘Phone Ko Number’ song with a pretty cool vertical video. The collab between the singer-songwriter and FOESEAL, the producer behind the dope beat, has over 2 million views on YouTube in less than four months.

Sushant recreated the song on Kripa Unplugged recently and man, this is one helluva version we just can’t get enough of, thanks to everyone involved from backing vocalists Ena Gurung and Khusbu Gurung to musicians Sanjeev Baraili, Sudip Thapa and Sujit Shahi (guitar); Bijay Baral (drums), Prajwal Lama and Pradeep Shrestha (Keyboard); and Ratna BK (flute).

Arranged by Sanjeev Baraili, the track is mixed and mastered by Sagun Shrestha. Here, you can’t miss this one.


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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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