James Shrestha Releases First New Song In Three Years: Watch Music Video

In February 2015, James Shrestha released the music video for ‘Timilai‘. It’s been over three years; and that was the last song he put out, UNTIL TODAY when he finally released a new song.

Shrestha had made his debut with ‘Timi Nai Timi’, which didn’t really get much attention when it was first released. It was the 2013 song ‘Yo Timilay Garda Ho’ that brought him some recognition. He then dropped a number of other songs including ‘Timi Meri’, ‘Falling For You’, and ‘Timilai’.

It was quite a shock to his fans when the UK based artist announced last year that he has quit music. He had talked in detail about his decision in an interview with NeoStuffs. “I have a full-time job and with YouTube that needs focusing, a person can only do so much. Additionally, to be able to create good music that everyone could come to love will undoubtedly require time, effort, and energy. Currently, all those factors are divided into my work, YouTube, and my personal life. One of the main factors, an extra motivation that an artist entails in order to create any sort of art, in my case, “music”, is very challenging when after long hours of work all you want to do is go home and sleep.”

However, he had made it clear that there might be a chance of making a comeback. “If time is on my side in near future, who knows”, he had said.

It looks like, the time is finally on his side again. He has released his new single today (May 7). Titled ‘Raat Ma’, the song is written and performed by himself. The beat for the song is produced by Jay Author, who has also co-directed the music video – starring Jenny, Yuki, Bhagya, Angela, Jannat and Samia – with Damien L. Kage.

Watch it here.

During his absence from the music scene, Shrestha was able to establish himself as an entertaining YouTuber who regularly puts out new material on his channel. He has a whopping 235k+ subscribers, with a total of over 15 million views on his videos.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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