Watch: Kolkata Band Plays Beautiful Rendition of ‘Resham Firiri’

If there’s one Nepali song that proves “music has no language barriers”, it’s got to be ‘Resham Firiri’ – arguably the most iconic Nepali folk song. The song has so many versions of it all over the internet, performed not only by Nepalese but people from around the world.

Among many others, Fiddler’s Green is one non-Nepali band that loves the song way too much. It has been on their set-list for years and the Kolkata-based independent folk band has played the song at various venues. Fronted by Arko Mukherjee (vocals, guitar, ukuele, kazoo); the four-piece band has Shamik Chatterjee on guitars; Diptanshu Roy on mandolin, tenor guitar and dotara; and Ritoban Das ‘Ludo’ on Indian and Afro Latin percussion.

“Fiddler’s Green talks about folklore of the world through songs of the South Asian subcontinent, sonically connecting them with humane stories: of shires in Middle Earth, of deserts in West Africa, merging with the streets of Havana and Puerto Rico or the wild trekking trails of Nepal or even, the Appalachian mountains”, the band’s introduction on their website reads.

The band was part of the Orange Festival of Adventure & Music, the 4-day festival which claims to be India’s first fest that combines adventure sports and music, in Dambuk, Arunachal Pradesh in December last year. As expected, they did play ‘Resham Firiri’ and well, you simply just can’t miss this as the official video of the live performance has recently been released online.

Watch the four guys create magic on stage.

Wonderful, right?

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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