Pandora’s Jukebox Lineup: Tumbleweed Inc., Kramasha Nepal, ASM & More

Pandora’s Jukebox – that first took place in November 2016 – is coming back with its second edition; and the lineup has been recently announced for the gig.

Organized by Tarang Entertainment in association with Live&Loud, the event will have five bands playing their original numbers. It takes place on Friday, March 30 at Club 25 Hrs at Tangaal, Kathmandu. The tickets can be bought online from Aafno Ticket for Rs. 300 each.


Tumbleweed Inc.

Fronted by the iconic guitarist Sarad Shrestha, Tumbleweed Inc. debuted in 2014 with their first album ‘Parichaya’. The four-man band — with Shrestha on guitars, Ktm Souljah on vocals, Prashant Maharjan on bass and Robin Neupane on drums — dropped their second album ‘Anyol‘ last year and toured across the country playing the album launch gigs at various venues.

Kramasha Nepal

The band formed in 2013 released their debut album ‘Malai Baal‘ last year. The band consists of Rushan Shrestha, Nirab Shrestha, Bicky Thapa Magar and Bipul Maharjan.


With Abhishek S. Mishra fronting the band, ASM is a new project coming up with their debut studio album soon.


Deplore is a nu metal band from Lalitpur. They recently dropped their self-titled debut EP.

The Mellow Malady

At last but not least, The Mellow Malady is a 3-man band formed in 2017. The band recently released their debut music video.

That’s it. If you are looking forward to witness an absolutely rocking gig and experience some kickass rock, heavy rock, funk and metal music; you know where to be next Friday. 


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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