“People Don’t Wanna Invest In Nepali Artists”: Robin Tamang On Current Music Scene

“I think the problem is, people don’t wanna invest in Nepali artists, simple as that.” That’s what Robin Tamang answered when Suraj Singh Thakuri asked him why there are very few concerts these days as compared to a decade or two ago.

“To host these events, you need money – big money – , corporations”, he further said. “I believe that Nepali artists are talented – as talented as any [international artist]. Music at the end of the day is music but the production is entertainment. So when the crowd is there, they need entertainment. They don’t get entertained by just the guitars and drums. These days it’s about the good lighting, screen, stage, and even the dancers. We need the production. We need the money. ”


This conversation took place in the latest episode of Thakuri’s talk show It’s My Show, aired on Kantipur HD on Saturday. And it does explain why it’s hard to survive as an artist in Nepal. It’s not only the organizers, sponsors and promoters who don’t want to invest in Nepali artists; it’s also the fans – the music listeners; who hardly buy Nepali songs and albums (online or their physical copies) and would rather download it for free from the internet.

If it’s so difficult for such a loved rockstar who has been in the scene for over two decades, we can only imagine what it’s like for the new and aspiring ones.

Anyway, the good thing is; Robin Tamang also announced that his band will be coming with a brand new album this year. Yay! And there will also be some changes in the band’s lineup. The frontman of the rock band Robin & The New Revolution has also been busy with various films and television shows lately. He is seen as a baddie in most of his films, including Chhadke, Mukhauta, Jai Parshuram and One Way.

The episode also had Oshin Sitaula as a guest who talked about her journey in media so far. Watch the full episode here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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