With ‘Contentder’, Making A Website Is Now Easier Than Ever

Haven’t you always desired to have a website of your very own? But being not very proficient at making a website — in fact, not knowing where to start — has been the hurdle between you and your online success. And that’s where Contentder comes into the scene. The newly launched website development platform lets you easily create and modify a fully functional website in no time.

A screen-grab of Contentder’s homepage


Contentder, an Australian company, recently launched the user friendly website developing platform. “Contentder was built with a vision to induce effortless professional yet beautiful website building and also pave a successful digital marketing path”, said Nischal Pradhan, the CEO.

The company utilized talented engineering human resources of the Kathmandu based IT company, Braindigit IT Solutions, in building components and templates for the user-friendly website development platform. With the dozens of ready-to-use templates along with various useful components; Contentder makes it easier to have a website up and running quickly – regardless of the user’s technical know-how. The platform doesn’t only let you make a website efficiently, but also helps you to market your product. With the in-built marketing features like social media management and SEO tools, among others; the platform ensures that you get the best out of your website. If you get stuck somewhere for some reason, you can always get full support from the experts as the company provides 24/7 support to its users.

“It provides a powerful solution to build a sophisticated website of all kinds and market it in the digital world, in a fast and easy way”; reads the press release by Braindigit. “Contentder empowers not just the tech-savvy coders but any enthusiast willing to establish their digital presence. Whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur without the technical know-how, a developer or a designer, Contentder offers you the perfect solution to all your needs in creating a successful online journey.”

A screen-grab of Contentder’s homepage


“At Contentder, though it’s targeted to people with limited or no coding experience, an entire section is present for developers and designers where they can contribute with their components and templates to become an influential part of our family”, said Alok Pandey, the CTO of Contentder.

From the startups to businesses and the hospitality sector; to the people in the entertainment industry to build their portfolio — Contentder seems to be an ideal option for everyone.

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