Moms React To Sacar’s Videos, Not Knowing He’s Right Behind Them

YouTuber Sisan Baniya of Pardygm TV invited three mothers – accompanied by their children – to his studio. They were there to shoot a reaction video. Having no idea who Sacar is, they were told about the rapper and were shown the videos of his songs and his ‘infamous’ Facebook live videos. The mothers were then asked what they thought about the Raw Barz star. Quite obviously, they had things to say about him but what they didn’t know was the person they were talking about was sitting right behind them the whole time, listening to what they were saying about him.

The ‘Timro Gaala’ rapper, who had been living in Sydney, returned to Nepal with his mom recently. He has also been constantly apologizing for everything he said about everyone in his videos.

Paradygm TV has released quite a lot of quality content recently, and this one is the best one so far. It’s not just another reaction video where some random people are talking about some other random person or thing. With Baniya explaining all the events in sequence, the video explains the whole Sacar case pretty well. It also shows how life can get tricky sometimes, and what’s the importance of family.

You know what, just watch it for yourself.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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