Laure And Sacar Meet In Sydney, End Feud


  • Laure and Sacar meet in Sydney to end feud.
  • Laure posts video of Sacar apologizing.
  • Feud started in July this year.
  • Laure in Sydney for an event.

Full Story:

It finally happened! Laure and Sacar aka Lil’ Buddha met in Sydney on Thursday and ended the much talked about feud.

The feud had started in July this year with a Facebook live video by Sacar. He had accused Laure to be one of the reasons for Yama Buddha’s death and said YB was upset about him not being a part of Raw Barz post his fame. He had constantly been taking a dig at Laure since then, in almost all of his Facebook live videos, and even some songs.

Feuds among rap artists is quite common internationally, and in Nepal as well. But they have been taking on each other the ‘old school’ way so far, that is through diss tracks directed at each other — the creative way. But the Sacar-Laure feud seemed to be the ugliest in NepHop so far, with quite a lot of abusive words being used, instead of throwing ‘bars’ (rap verses/diss tracks) at each other.

The feud had been pretty one-sided as Laure hadn’t openly said anything about Sacar, until this week. The ‘Mero Solta’ rapper, who reached Sydney on Wednesday this week for an event called ‘Kaalratri Night 2’ scheduled on Friday, took to his Facebook handle and wrote, “It’s been over 24 hours since I landed in Sydney but no one has dared to attack me with a ‘katta’. Well, I am a man of my words, within next 24 hours, the person who said he’ll be attacking me with a ‘katta’ will be apologizing to me. Mark my words. HappyDashain”, on Thursday. [translated]

The two met later that night. Laure, on Friday, posted a short video of Sacar apologizing, on his Facebook page.

“I say sorry to everyone, okay. Sorry Kenjel (Mehar Shrestha of Nepal Idol who he had talked about – not in good way – at times in his live videos), sorry Laure dai, sorry my mother, father, my sister. I am not gonna do that again”, he is seen saying in the video. While Laure too can be heard instructing him, “Aba dekhi na gar bujhis” [Don’t do it again], he says.

Laure captioned the video, “It was not really necessary to make this video, but as a lot of questions were raised against me, I decided to do this. I have always respected Sacar’s talent. But he has been captured by some kind of negativity lately and I hope that the positive energy wins over the negativity inside him in the occasion of Bijaya Dashami. I wish him all the best for his musical career. After all, we are from the same Nepali HipHop family. May Maata Durga Bhawani protect everyone. Happy Dashain. Stay positive.” [Translated]

Sacar and Laure both had rose to fame around five years ago through their impressive rap battles in Raw Barz. Laure has since then toured in more than half a dozen countries, worked in a film and even been a part of a popular TV show. On the other hand, Sacar who also did release a number of songs and some music videos, moved to Sydney where he has been living lately.

Both Laure and Sacar came up with their albums this year, ‘Chup Laag’ and ‘Tathastu’ respectively, that have been appreciated by HipHop fans.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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